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The Adventures of Mrs. Almaletta Finks
And Her Brave Little Class

A story by E. Leslie Mayer and Jean Fogelberg

Almaletta Finks front cover


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Praise at for "The Adventures of Mrs. Almaletta Finks: And Her Brave Little Class"

A Fun Read For Kids!

One thing I liked about the book is that the characters learn so many valuable lessons about life and themselves. When little Lilian gives Sir Hithersay the orchid seed he's reminded that "life is full of loss" and that losing at love pales in comparison to the death of a mother.

The characters are quirky and have such interesting jobs, like Sir Penpaint whose job it is to inspire "nothings" to become "somethings", and The Lady Lostandfound, who keeps track of the world's lost items and ideas, and the chemist Dr. Cheeseweed who re-scents the flowers when someone with a "greedy nose" smells all the smell out of them.

A Wonderful Tale for All Ages

The characters are memorable (Little Lillian and her orchid seed of hope is my favorite), as are the places the authors have invented. Wondering what happens to those socks the dryer devours? They're all waiting for you in the Land of Lostandfound.

The writing in vivid and often lyrical--"Time flew by like a hungry hummingbird." This is a very special tale for all ages--and no, it wasn't a dream.

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure!

During the rafting story, I had to keep opening my jaw to keep it from clenching with the suspense. The story is relevant to just about everybody. It can be easily read and enjoyed by kids from about 8 or 9 years old, on up to old age. I appreciate that this book does not try to be cool or trendy or full of vampires.

Simply delightful...

A delightful story of a teacher and her class who disappear into one of the student's handmade clay pots; thus, beginning their educational and magical journey to places unlike anything they have ever seen. Very colorful characters with names to match along with a landscape, often beautiful, sometimes frightening, but always fascinating and magical. One of my favorites was Dr. Alacinda Cheesewood. She's a hoot!

A must read for all ages,

This great book is a most enjoyable read, for all ages up to and including 90, my mom loved it. Both authors are inspirational women. I would highly recommend it, and I am usually not a reader. This is the type of book, that you really can't put down, but really hate to keep reading, because you will NOT want it to end.

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