~ Welcome to Katya Designs Gemstone Jewelry ~

In 1985 fine artist and musician Katya began designing and creating jewelry to compliment her collection of Renaissance costumes.
Every time she wore her jewelry, women would approach her and ask if she sold her designs, or if she would create a similar design for them. Soon the many requests for her gemstone jewelry designs convinced her to start her own business.

Gemstones (crystals and minerals) all have a luminosity that not only catches the eye and reflects beauty; they also possess individual energy and their own personality. The consciousness of the planet is leading humanity to the re-discovery of an ancient and long forgotten art in which the utilization of crystals and minerals is prominent.

Katya's exciting new collection of gemstone jewelry is a fabulous expression of earthly beauty. Her designs artfully compliment the many gemstone qualities of  a woman: simple, sparkling, colorful, naturally beautiful and elegant.

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