Paintings by Elizabeth Z. Coakley

"Crab Blues"

"Holy Mackerel"

"Passamaquoddy Salmon"

"Gulf Stream Sailfish"

"Prayer Puffins"

"Harbor Seals"

Looking down on the stairs at
the "Blue Poppy" gift shop
in Sedgwick.

"Naskeag Deer"

"I began painting on wood in 1978, completing a series of stairs for one of the homes my husband, Richard Coakley, designed and built. I continue to paint stairs, telling stories about the saltwater environment surrounding each home, by creating scenes of the forests, waters, fish, seals, deer, foxes and people that live here. I decided to also create individual pieces that were painted on wood, and framed to be hung on the wall. I have been deeply influenced by early itinerant muralists who travelled from village to village painting scenes directly on the walls, bringing color and stories to each home.

I work with watercolor pigments because they seem to capture the luminescence of color. By layering my paints and using varnish in between layers, I am able to create a sense of depth. I use wood board as my canvas, sealing it with gesso first. My frames are an important element in my paintings; they are usually made of cherry and maple woods. I often carry the painting over the edges of the frames continuing the story."


Mermaid Woolens
Reach Road
Sedgwick, Maine 04676